UniTECH Communications London

Internet Security, VPN, Virtualization, VM Cloning....What's the deal?

In the world of today, online is everything. Your business, your clients, your data the way your support your clients.


In the market place of today, the enterprise is not defined in physical terms; the enterprise is the network and the information technologies empowering it. Since 1995, our experience with system security and as system integrators, allow us to recognize that a sophisticated information business system represents a major corporate asset.

UniTECH Communications is committed to enhancing the value of its client’s investment in Information Technology equipment. That means a responsibility extending beyond merely providing hardware and software – a responsibility to ensure a client’s installation runs efficiently and is secure and cost effective. Since 1995, and through our experience as system security and system integrators, we recognize that a sophisticated information business system represents a major corporate asset. UniTECH has developed the ability to protect that asset and its long-term value to the customer by offering a complete solution to all of your information processing requirements

>> What we do...

UniTECH Communications London is a premiere service provider of Internet and Internet related Technologies. Our UniTECH Router is our flagship product. We support IPSec, DNS, Web Servers (UNIX / Windows), SSL, Ecommerce and Virtualization optimization and configuration.

UniTECH offers a number of services to our customers Network Server Implementation (Unix and Win environments), Active Directory and SAMBA Configurations, DNS (Windows), Bind (Unix DNS Implementation), Mail Servers, Web Servers, E-Commerce Servers, AS/400 Client Connectivity over VPN or IPSec, CATIA and Unigraphics, Domain Registration and Hosting Services, SSH Secure Shell, Workgroup Networks, TCP/IP Printing, RRAS and RAS Client and Server Configuration

Who we are: UniTECH Communications London has been supporting business and business client for over 20 years. We provide Firewall / Gateway appliances, Hardware, Switching, Domain Hosting and VMWare Virtualization support.